Pike County Ohio Hunting Lease, 2002 Acres

This 2,002 acre lease in southern Ohio (Pike County) is in the heart of big buck country. There are numerous 150 to 200 class whitetails running the woods and hillsides of this property. It’s not uncommon to see 30 or more mature bucks in a week hunting the “rut” in this area.

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Ohio hunting lease, Pike County Ohio. 2002 acres, 17 miles to drive around this big buck mecca!! Inquire today about joining us at Buckslayers Hunting Club!

This is a large, private leased hunting tract (for Ohio standards). The main access points are gated with double locks for club member and authorities only. It is mostly made up of mature hardwoods, maple, white oaks and hickory trees. There are some 15-50 acre man-planted 15 foot high pine trees and also some large clear cuts with other varying growth cuts scattered throughout the property. Some areas are very open hardwoods with little undergrowth while other areas are very thick and would be hard to penetrate. (great cover and bedding areas for the deer) and everything else in between. This mixture of growth contributes to allowing bucks to get big and mature. There are some very steep ravines in some areas while there are also many gradual sloping fingers that jet out from these high hillsides and down to the bottoms. We find these “points” or fingers are great stand locations for bucks that are cruising the hillsides looking for does and traveling from feeding to bedding areas.

There are a few small food plots on this lease, and it’s up to our members if they wish to continue them or add more. In The future we may want to consider adding a few more throughout the properties to assure the holding potential and for large numbers of quality deer on the property for years to come. We all need to look out for the future of our deer herd. We will get out of it what we put into it. This will be a joint effort amongst all members of each lease whether it is actual labor or just investing in the seed/fuel for other members to sow in for the following years.

There are ATV trails throughout the property and ATV’s and campers are allowed (for hunting purposes only). We will not allow recreational use of ATV’s on this lease throughout the year. This will be the members hunting “honey hole” and not a playground for riding ATV’s. ATV’s will only be allowed to access hunting stands and to recover and haul out your game after harvested. This lease is semi-remote with no water or electricity hook-ups. Campers must be self-contained.



Although some are against it, hunting over bait is legal in Ohio. Putting out feeders and baiting ahead of time is allowed on the lease if you so desire keeping the does in the area when the rut hits can pay huge dividends and keep the action coming fast and furious!!

Although there are locked gates on the main access roads to the lease, I’m sure there will be a few of the locals that will try to sneak in and hunt the areas that border their property. It will be up to the current members of Buckslayers Hunting Club to keep an eye out for any trespassers (as they are stealing the game that you are paying a price to have access to) just ask them to leave the property immediately if they can not show you their Buckslayers membership card. You can tell them that you will call the local game warden if they do not leave immidiately!! I hope this will not be much of an issue on the leases but, I want to cover all the bases and to make sure that all members have a quality place to hunt for many years to come. The local game warder & the Waverly Police Dept. numbers are printed on the back of your membership cards for quick reference if needed.

All members will have a membership card and the names and telephone numbers of all current members and also the local game wardens & police telephone numbers printed on the back of their card. All members will be required to carry this card with them at all times on the lease. This card will act as your license to be on the leased property. If another member of the club asks you to show it to them and you cannot produce it, no membership card… no access, period!!!! You will be asked to leave immediately.

All members vehicles, trucks & ATV’s that are on the lease will be required to have our Buckslayers Hunting Club logo identity sticker placed on them to be on the lease. Again, no sticker, then we take down the tag number, vehicle information and call the local game warden or police to resolve the issue.

I have even had cards made up to leave on any unattended vehicle that does not have our club sticker on it that will inform the owner of the vehicle that they have trespassed on privately leased property and that this is their final warning. Otherwise, we will call the local game warden and police to resolve the issue.

We will all have many great hunting memories and experiences on this 2,002 acre & my other leases for years to come if we play our cards right.

We all need to become one, a team, a brotherhood and all work and stick together to make this “little slice of heaven”, we all call our “second home” (during the hunting season) a great place for many years to come.

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