Been There, Done That!!!

We have been all over the country chasing big whitetails in the so called, big buck “Booner States” that you read about in magazines and watched on tv shows. BELIEVE Me!!…..WE HAVE Paid the “big bucks” for all these hunts and have done much better on our own in southern ohio, right next to our 3,300 acre leases!!!

You can pay $2000-$10,000 or more on these highly advertised, 5-7 day hunts or you can pay just one low price per year with us (so we all have a part in this year round lease) for this all inclusive, free ranging, fair chase, “locked” & “gated” access, 2,002 & 1,288  acre, southern ohio (pike county ) whitetail deer hunt with us. I will personally guarantee that you will: see more deer and have a hell of alot more fun with us country boys from Maine than you would on these high-priced, 5-7- day (and it is over) hunts in these so called “booner” states.

Why?  Because we have………. been there!!!!…………spent that!!!!!………..PERIOD!!!!


Don’t tell everyone, but southern ohio is the next up & coming, well kept secret, go-to state for the serious  deer hunter.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear from guys like Michael Waddell, Dave Watson, or “The Crush” (Tiffany & what’s his name?????)  about joining our club for filming their next year’s hunts on Buckslayer’s leases!!!

Well, that’s it for now guys, take a chance on us, were the real deal. You won’t be dissapointed this fall!!!!

Shoot straight, shoot often…

The rut is on!
Wayne “The Buckslayer” Worcester



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