Q: How many people do you allow on each lease?
A: This varies by lease and by “huntable habitat”. It’s best to call Bruce (478-251-8845) and he can describe how hunter numbers are determined. Our bow only leases, which are over 400 acres each, allow 8-9 hunters, to give you an idea.

Q: What does my membership fee include?
A: Your annual membership fee includes 1 year of access to one of our Buckslayers leases. Unless it is a bow-only lease, you may deer hunt with bow, gun, crossbow, or muzzleloader during the appropriate season. You will be provided a membership binder with maps, keys to any gates, stickers for your vehicle, member directory, and other pertinent information.

Q: Can I hunt more than one of these leases when I join?
A: No. Just one. You pick which lease you want to join out of the available leases and you’re restricted to that one only. If you wish to move to another lease the following year, current members will have first choice.

Q: What is the difference between the bow only membership and the general membership?
A: If you have a bow only membership, it means that the lease you have access to is restricted to only bowhunting. No guns are allowed on it at ANY time of the year…not even for turkey hunting or raccoon hunting, etc. The price for a bow only membership is also a little bit higher. Bow only members are restricted to 8-point or better antler minimums. Other than that the privileges and attributes of each membership are the same.

Q: Am I restricted to certain dates?
A: No! Come whenever you want, and hunt as long as you want! You have full season access.

Q: Is this a weekly lease or full season?
A: Full season! Your membership fee includes July through June access to your specific lease. Check your specific lease for certain weapon restrictions. Recreational atv riding is not allowed.

Q: What is the hunting like on your leases?
A: Prepare yourself for some of the best, yet challenging trophy whitetail hunting anywhere! This is BIG WOODS baby! The terrain is rugged, steep, and thick. This is not farm country, but we’re not far from it, which is why there are BIG BUCKS here! Paper companies have logged off certain sections within these leases over the past several years. The subsequent growth has resulted in impenetrable thickets that allow bucks to survive! There are good deer numbers and things seem to keep getting better! One must hunt smart to have success here. Those prepared for the challenge will love it. Those expecting an easy hunt, might prefer the flatland.

Q: Can I lease an entire property for my group only?

A: Possibly! The first step would be to have each interested group member send in their refundable deposit. When using our online payment form, note each group member’s name. If you have enough guys to warrant your own lease, and a lease becomes available, we might be able to work something out. Call Bruce (478-251-8845) to discuss!

Q: What, if any, are your QDM rules?
A: The only leases we have any antler restrictions on are our bow only leases, which are 8 point minimum. You are free to shoot whatever you will be happy with! That said, most of our club members are only seeking a trophy whitetail. They regularly pass 120-130 class whitetails. We feel that everyone will have a higher quality hunt if they cooperate together in managing their lease for better and better bucks! Our Ohio hunting leases truly hold the potential for world class whitetails IF they reach maturity. We encourage you to pass the young bucks, but please don’t feel like you have to if you haven’t shot many yet and if it’s a buck you’re truly happy with! A trophy is in the eye of the beholder, and there are more important reasons we hunt than just “the big buck”.

Q: Do you have any openings right now?
A: We categorize our leases as either “with openings” or “full”. We run the latest technology on our website and can easily update the status of our leases from just about anywhere, so if you see a lease listed under “with openings”, then we have a spot for YOU! To make it even easier, here’s a list of any leases with openings right here:

Q: Can I get a list of your current members/references?
A: When you become a member of our club, you will be provided with a list of the other members of your lease so that ya’ll can contact each other to coordinate things as you choose. To respect our members’ privacy, we do not provide member info to non-members. That said, some of our members don’t mind being contacted, so call Wayne and he can put you in touch with references if needed.

Q: May I go walk the properties before deciding to join?
A: Sorry, no. These are private properties and we wish to be respectful of our current members so they don’t have to deal with other people on the property. If you don’t have a valid membership card, you may not be on the property. We provide aerials, photographs, and references which we feel will provide you the info necessary to make a decision to join our club. Please call Wayne if you’re interested!

Q: Can I bring my quad?
A: Sure! We allow you to use your quad for scouting, entry and exits to stands, baiting trips, etc. Please be considerate of other hunters with your timing.

Q: Can you explain this “stand placement rule” again?
A: Sure. We will not allow hunters to “claim their spots” and keep others away. While you’re actively hunting your lease, you may have no more than 2 treestands up. When you leave, you must remove your stands. You may bait, use minerals (no hunting over minerals), trail cameras, etc. as much as you want, but be aware that other members can hunt those areas too. Of course, we as hunters should be respectful of areas the other members are using, so please try to maintain a good distance between yourself and others while hunting.

Q: I understand you allow camping. Are there any facilities available, such as a pavilion, grills for cooking, etc?
A: Sorry, no. Most of our leases have private, locked gates. Once inside the gates, you are free to camp wherever works best, but please be aware this is rustic camping. No electric hookups, sewer, baths, or showers are on-site.

Q: Can I plant food plots on my lease?
A: Sure! As long as you do not cut down live trees, you may plant food plots wherever you want. It’s up to you and other members to get any necessary equipment and seed.

Q: What’s the process for getting an Ohio deer hunting license?
A: Easy! Over the counter, about $160. See our sidebar to the right for a link to Ohio DNR’s website for more info.

Q: Are guests allowed?
A: No, with the exception of the short, youth season. Members’ kids may hunt for free during the youth season in late November.

Q: Does my refundable deposit go towards my membership fee when an opening comes available?
A: Absolutely!

Q: I already paid my membership fee in full for this year and now I cannot come. Can I get a refund?
A: If it’s before March 1st, yes, we will refund your money 100% (you may apply $300 of this to next year’s waiting list if you want). If it’s March 1st or later, we will have already paid for our leases and a refund is not available. We will however, credit you $300 towards next year’s waiting list if you’d like.

Q: I paid my refundable deposit this year, and I cannot come this year. Will you hold it for next year?
A: We will carry over your deposit for up to 1 additional year if there are lease openings and you cannot get a membership this year. If there are no lease openings available, we will continue to carry over your deposit until an opening does come available.

Q: Under what circumstances can I lose my “refundable” deposit?
A: If there is an opening on your preferred lease, and you elect not to join, we will carry your deposit over for 1 year. The following year, if there is an opening again on your preferred lease and you elect not to join, your deposit will be forfeited. If there are no openings on your preferred lease, we will continue to carry over your deposit.


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