Wayne’s Bio

I’m Wayne Worcester, and I’m just a good ol’ boy from Maine, having lived there my entire life! I’m in my 50’s now and have been hunting the Northern Maine wilderness since I can remember. My great grandfather was a game warden for the state of Maine years ago. My grandfather and his brother built a remote wilderness camp back in 1954 that was hunted out of for many years… since before I can even remember. Eventually when my dad thought I was old enough, maybe 16, he would write a letter to the principal of my school asking him to dismiss me on a Thursday or Friday so I could drive up to that old remote hunting camp and hunt with him and the other guys for the last few days of their week-long, annual hunting trip. My dad also used to take me bowhunting with him when he got home from work. I think I was about 7-8 years old. Boy, those memories are still etched in my mind! Back then, he was using an old Bear, 45 lb. pull, recurve bow. Although he didn’t shoot many deer to put on the table, I can sure remember he flew a bunch of arrows at them!

Since our childhood we have always had the love and passion for the great outdoors, especially the hunting and fishing. Why wouldn’t we, we grew up on it!!

It was our life…..and we lived for it!!!

In 1987, my Dad and I got our Masters Registered Maine Guides Licenses. We ran a family machine shop back then, but still took 3 months off to pursue baiting and guiding black bear hunters out of our wilderness camp in northern Maine for a few years.

Since then, we have not pursued the guiding part of it as much because we had young children to raise and families to tend to. Now that the children are all grown up and out of the nest, our passion has still been for hunting and enjoying the great outdoors.

Myself and some of our friends own remote camps in different parts of Maine. When deer season approaches, we decide what camp we will be hunting out of on opening day. Sometimes our group will split up and go to different camps throughout the seasons chasing whitetails, black bear, moose, coyotes etc. A friend of my dad’s who lives in Ohio, we call him “Buzzy”, would always make the 18 hour drive up to Maine that 3rd week in November to hunt with us out of our remote, wilderness camp year after year… for almost 30 years!!

Our passion has always been bowhunting, but we have been known to switch to the rifle the first of November when our Maine gun season kicked off.

Maine has mostly been a one deer limit state, and that 1 deer had to be a buck unless you were lucky enough to get drawn in a “chance” drawing for a doe tag.

Although we have some huge bucks here in our state of Maine and have been lucky enough to tag several which have field dressed well over the 200 lb. mark, we just don’t have the numbers of deer and large racks that some of the other states out there produce year after year. We have always been in search of new hunting adventures and to just get back out there in the woods and do what we love most… chasing whitetails!!

We have hunted Maine, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Canada and now Ohio.

30 or so years ago a friend of ours had an uncle who lived in Pennsylvania and asked why we didn’t come out there and bowhunt for deer with him in October. Well, 16 years later our group of 6 were still doing the 10 hour drive to Pennsylvania, renting a nearby cabin and chasing whitetails that 2nd week of October year after year. About 18 years ago, I decided to break away from the 6 man group in search of more “trophy class” whitetails. After doing some research, I decided to give Illinois a try. I got on the phone with my old friend, Buzzy, from Ohio and asked if he would be interested in bowhunting Illinois for a week with me. His answer was yes, so next thing I know, I was flying to Illinois. Buzzy picked me up in front of the airport with his old pickup truck and a 1960-something camper in tow. I was standing in front of the baggage claim area at the airport when he pulled up. I was dressed in full camouflage, bow case in hand (treestand was disassembled and in my suitcase). We threw everything in the back of that old truck and off we went to the hunting grounds in Illinois. I must say, we looked like the old “Sanford & Sons” heading down the road, but who cared, we were doing it!!! and having a ball!!!

After a few years hunting with Buzzy, my good hunting buddy and long time friend, Dan, joined Buzzy and I the following fall as we decided to bowhunt Michigan. We met some real nice folks out there who invited us back the next year so we decided to return the following fall to do it again. We saw lots of deer, tagged a few, met some great people and had an awesome time.

The following year, we booked our second trip out to hunt the state of Illinois again.

Although we saw a lot of deer and took a couple of nice bucks ourselves, it was quite pricey! A non-resident deer license with tags cost around $550!! A long drive from Maine and only a 6 day hunt and it was over!

When we started to discuss where to hunt the following fall, our old buddy, Buzzy, said that we should give his home state of Ohio a try. He said they had lots of deer and some real hogs with big antlers. He told us that he had hunted southern Ohio in the past with some friends and that it was semi-remote, compared to Maine, and that the terrain was mountainous with mature timber, unlike the flat plains of central and northern Ohio, and that they had a 4.5 month bow season! That statement alone definitely caught our attention!!! Ohio is a shotgun or muzzleloader only state (no rifles allowed). You can also use a crossbow, baiting is allowed, and the gun season is only one week long and doesn’t start until December, when the rut was mostly over. We decided, “what the heck”, lets give it a try for a year and see how it all worked out. Well, the rest is history. We were hooked! We have now been hunting southern Ohio for 16 years now and wished we had been hunting it long before this!!

We have both seen some monster whitetails in this back country over the years. and have also been fortunate to take a few! In 2011 we shot 6 bucks over 140″. One scored over 170″ and another from our bow only trophy lease, scored 213″!!! Now that’s success!!

We saw many large racked bucks that week. I saw 6 bucks together that were following a hot doe that laid down right under my treestand!!!! We thought we had died and went to heaven. Oh yeah, and I shot the largest of the 6 bucks! We had found our bowhunting paradise. There was virtually no hunting pressure during the bow season. In fact, we hunted for 2 weeks for the next 10 years in a row and never so much as saw another bowhunter in the woods!!! It was like our own little world out there. As we continued to hunt this area, we took some nice bucks year after year and even saw 1-2 Booners every year for the next 8 years. The woods here is much more open compared to what we were used to hunting back in the fir and pine choked forest of Maine. These bucks would cruise by us well out of bow range and run from ridge to ridge looking for, and chasing does. Over time, we were introduced to other friends of people that took a liking to us who also gave us permission to hunt their property.

Before we knew it, we were introduced to friends of Buzzy and were bringing down 50 or so live Maine lobsters to all the great friends and farmers we had met. We’d have an annual Maine lobster feed to kick off our bowhunting season in this great deer hunting state of Ohio. I now go down for 2 1/2 months of bowhunting and leave just before the shotgun opener in December. We just love it!!!!

We decided a few years ago that we would like to have our own “slice of heaven” in Ohio just in case down the road things changed and we were unable to hunt these smaller farms that we have permission to hunt at the current time.

Well, after some extensive research, we locked up and leased a 2,002 and a 1,288 acre parcel for the following hunting season. The leases start on July 1st each year. Now, we have numerous leases and several thousand acres! It’s pure hunting pleasure in big buck country!!

Although we knew we would not be able to afford the entire leases ourselves, we did know that by starting a hunting club, doing it professionally, setting firm rules and regulations and carefully choosing the right members that would all get along and fit in with each other, we could generate enough funds to cover the majority of the leases and have a private place to hunt and meet good friends that enjoy what we do for many years to come.

Once you are in on our club and our leases, current members have 1st choice to renew year after year, bring in new friends, or move to another lease, before I go to my next years waiting list. As long as you play by our rules and get along with all the current members of the club, you will be welcome back the following years to come! We are looking for life-long relationships and good hunting friends with great hunting ethics. Mess up once, and you won’t be invited back the following year.

I love it so much that I am planning to semi-retire there for a few months out of the year, during the 4 1/2 month bowhunting season of course, so I can keep watch over and maintain the leases, gates, signs, trails, deer cameras, food plots, feeders, deer etc. Hey, someone has to do it, it might as well be me!!!!

We are signing up new members for our leases now, for the current season which starts July 1st! Don’t miss out this year!!!

I am now accepting 100% refundable deposits for our upcoming season’s waiting list. Available spots will be filled on a first come, first paid (deposit) basis. We already have lots of people on this waiting list for next year! Current members must have their 50% deposits in by February 1st. After this date, I go to my waiting list, in the order they were received, to fill any vacant spots.

If all spots are full for you or your group, then I will refund your deposits in full, 100% guaranteed!!

NOTE: Buckslayers is now being run by Bruce Keck. You can reach Bruce at 478-251-8845.

When I return from hunting in December, I will contact all current members to see if they will be renewing, or want a buddy or family member to join for the following year. Any vacant spot will be filled with new members on my “waiting list” that have mailed in their deposit in the order they were received. I will reply to all emails during the current hunting season when I am in Ohio hunting.

Visit our Pricing page for current pricing. This is full, year-round access to our locked & gated ohio hunting leases!!!

Lease openings won’t last long, and we are already on a waiting list for 4 other leases that are only 10-15 miles from these leases. These are also in great deer hunting areas and habitat!! We will be continually scouting and adding more leases in the near future!!

Well, that’s it for now guys. If you are interested, send us an email or call Bruce on his cell phone at 478-251-8845, or just visit the Join section for all the info before it fills up!!!!!

Shoot straight!!

I can’t wait to meet all the new members on our leases this fall with BBD’s! (Big Bucks Down!)

At Buckslayers, we deliver “dirt naps” to big bucks!! Why? Because we’re good at what we do!

Wayne “The “BuckSlayer” Worcester