If you like Ohio deer hunting and want to get into an affordable Ohio hunting club, You should check out The "BuckSlayers" hunting Club.

Ohio Whitetail deer hunting has become the "go to" state for huge whitetail deer. Ohio hunting is the dream state of the future.

The cost is still reasonable for blue collar worker to get onto a lease like the BuckSlayers Hunting Club has to offer.

Check out their website at: www.buckslayers.com for all the information.

Ohio bow hunting is second to none when it comes to large racked and huge bodied whitetails.

When bow hunting in Ohio, you have a 5 month bow season which goes from September thru February.

The "BuckSlayers" Ohio hunting club is a great way to go for the cost minded Bow hunter to hunt on leases up to 2,000 acres with little to no hunting pressure.

Most leases are locked and gated for members only. Ohio Deer hunting is a bow hunters paradice.

When you are looking for Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting, Look no further then The "BuckSlayers" hunting Club for the "Do-it-yourself" hunt of a lifetime.


Go to www.buckslayers.com for all the details and to start hunting Ohio this fall.

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