Buckslayers Hunting Club – The Best Deal Around for an Ohio Deer Hunt!

Buckslayers Hunting Club is the best deal you will find out there for the do-it-yourselfer who is looking for a truly, “trophy class” whitetail hunt in Ohio…period!!

They offer locked & gated leases where campers and ATV’s are allowed on the lease for hunting purposes only.

They send out a complete package to all paid members where once you receive it, there will be no other questions that need anawering.

The mailed out package includes:

  • Detailed directions to the lease you choose
  • Topo maps and aerial photos of your lease
  • Buckslayers membership card for your wallet
  • Stickers for your truck & ATV
  • A member contact list for all members on your lease so guys can meet up and share expenses to the lease
  • A list of places to stay & eat in the area.

These guys and Wayne “The BuckSlayer”, himself, are very professional and know what hunters are looking for in a DIY hunt.

Wayne has “been there….done that”  for over 30 years and is very woods savvy when it comes to geting into the minds of big bucks!

The success members have had speaks for itself. Take a look at the bucks here on their website and I believe you will agree that Buckslayers Hunting Club has it going on when it comes to trophy class whitetail hunting for the do-it-yourselfer in southern Ohio.

They fill up fast so book with them early this year!!




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