Trespassing on Ohio Hunting Leases – How We Handle This

no trespassing on Buckslayers Hunting Club Leases

The boundaries of all Buckslayers Hunting Club leases are clearly marked with orange paint and yellow signs.

First off, we really don’t have many issues with trespassers. We have not seen anyone on the property with a bow or gun in all the years we have been leasing our properties. Once in a while a member will report seeing someone cross one of our properties or drive by on a quad. In one case, a member talked nicely to a man who was seen twice on the property and there were no issues after that. Remember, for many locals, this was their back yard long before we started leasing it years ago and it’s hard for some of them to swallow. We just like to be nice and ask them to leave before we cause any issues with them and get the game wardens involved.

Our boundaries are clearly posted with 12″ x 12″, bright yellow signs and orange paint marks on the tree boundaries every 50-75 yards that let anyone looking to trespass know that there is NO TRESPASSING and that The Buckslayers Hunting Club is leasing the property for hunting.

All members are required to carry their membership card on them while on the lease and also to display the “Buckslayers Hunting Club” stickers provided to them on their trucks and ATV’s while on the lease.

The membership cards have the local game warden and the local police department’s telephone numbers printed on the back of them if there is an issue that arises and they need to be called in.

If trespassing is observed and the offender(s) is hunting, then a simple phone call to the game warden with their location should take care of this problem. If not, then just give Wayne a call on his cell phone and he will be there within 15 minutes to confront this person and get it resolved. Wayne is in Ohio for all of October and November and is very easy to reach by phone at 207-590-5783.