Why Ohio

When it comes to trophy whitetail deer hunting, Ohio has become a state to take notice of. Many biologists say that the next world record may come out of either Pike or Scioto Counties in Ohio… both of which Buckslayers Hunting Club has all but two of its leases in! The other two leases very close by in Jackson and Vinton County.

Just check out the record books for yourself, and you will see why this area of southern Ohio just may produce the next world record buck!

Rugged and tough ground to hunt? Yes & no. Our leases are set up to make it as hard or easy as you want it. With our diverse road and trail systems, hunters can drive their ATV’s close to their hunting spots or hike over 3-4 ridges to get back into areas that man rarely, if ever sees.

The past and present cuttings have given the deer the food, cover and the sanctuaries that they need and also seek when the pressure turns on during Ohio’s 1 week shotgun season, which starts about the 1st week in December each year. By then, most of us die hard bowhunters are back home enjoying a back strap with fried onions & mushrooms on the grill or just chewing on a tasty piece of deer jerky from the fall’s harvest.

If it’s true trophy whitetails you are looking for with bows, and you just won’t settle for anything less, then you have come to the right place!

Make Buckslayers Hunting Club your next trophy whitetail hunting destination that you won’t soon forget!

Wayne Worcester, owner of Buckslayers, is in Ohio himself for all of October and November so he’s very accessible should any members need help getting a trophy buck out of the back country! Wayne has all the equipment for it and looks forward to the challenge!